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Margdarshak endeavours to build a global network of counsellors-assisted career education and guidance systems, to help students at their decision-making stages that lead to a “career by CHOICE, not by chance". This opportunity is most suitable for any educated person like -

  • Retired and active: can earn stable and passive income, just like a pension.
  • Homemakers: can be self-reliant while fulfilling family responsibilities.
  • Working persons: can have an alternate, regular source of income.
  • Jobseekers: can get real work experience and earn money.
  • Students: can cultivate a habit of earning and learning.

India urgently needs 14 lakh consultants to implement the provisions of the New Education Policy (NEP). Margdarshak is functioning under the aegis of the Career-linked Education Council, established under statutory provisions of the Govt of India to provide career education & guidance at the national level.

40 minutes of career planning prevents 40 years of struggle in life.

Need for career-linked education and guidance!

Strange but true career facts:

  • 99% of schools/colleges don’t have functional career education & guidance departments.
  • 97% of young people first finish their journey (education) and then think about their destination (career).
  • 86% of school students either have uncertain or unrealistic career ambitions or follow the crowd.
  • 72% of postgraduates are not able to utilise their investment in education as they fail to understand that degrees lacking employability skills are useless.
  • 66% of adults are either in the wrong career or under-employed/unemployable and trapped in a quagmire.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

Margdarshak tools and services

Margdarshak has developed scientific and authentic career and education planning tools and technologies as explained below:

Career Aptitude: be what you want to be.
The psychometric tool for students to find their true interests and set S.M.A.R.T. career objectives or to match the compatibility.

Work Attitude: listen to your heart & mind.
This allows users to determine what is important to them in a career. It helps to identify occupations they may find satisfying based on their work values and the characteristics of the occupations.

Innate Ability: recognise inborn talents.
Discovering a child's areas of intelligence removes the 'trial and error' method of parenting i.e. "teaching a fish to climb a tree".

Career Explorer: career by choice not by chance
Select the best-fit careers from over 4,700 options based on 16 parameters.
Subject Pathways: relate subjects with careers using 33 charts and 18 infographics.

Education Index: don’t follow the crowd!
Most authentic and impartial education options in India and abroad. Select the right schools, higher learning institutions, courses, and subjects.

Scholarships Abroad: gateway to abroad
Study in the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, and other European countries almost FREE of cost with scholarships and funding.

Study Organiser: which colour is your study?
A boon for such students who are not studying properly. It creates a personalised schedule as per subject difficulty level and study time for 100% consistent marks in all the papers of the exam. Also, the much acclaimed "Progress Meter" shows real-time performance in three colours.

Skills Evaluator: validate employability skills.
Degrees without SKILLS = cell phone without SIM.

Margdarshak's professionally trained counsellors offer the following services:

(a) Conduct assessments of career aptitude, work attitude and innate ability. Analyse the data, draw inferences, and assist in the decision-making process to find SMART career objectives.

(b) Design career education pathways (map) and provide authentic and impartial guidance at the career-building stages from ambition to achievement.

(c) Create a personalised study schedule for the student to streamline a study habit and monitor the real-time preparation by measuring the subject knowledge.

(d) Provide unlimited online training to build a solid foundation for 1. Current academic exam, 2. One future entrance test, 3. One Govt job preparation and 4. One employability skills development.

Fee: for all the above services and tools, a nominal amount of Rs 9,800 (under CAP - Career Achievement Programme) or Rs 29,800 per annum (100% refundable, if desired results are not attained). Personalised add-on plans are also available.

“Even the best player requires a coach!”

Your work: Using the platform, you can work from anywhere on flexible days/times without disturbing your current activities. Your key responsibilities are to:

(a) Guide students: You can conduct a FREE online career assessment of a minimum of nine students in a month.
(b) Teach or provide study content: Select any one subject of any academic/ competitive exam in English/Hindi medium.
(c) Connect with institutes: Collaborate with any two schools/institutes in a month for Career-linked Education and Guidance (CLEG).
(d) Manage a virtual team: Build a team of a maximum of nine counsellors and support them. We provide candidates’ data for team building.

Income prospect: You share ₹980 per student or up to 30% of the total business of your team. To illustrate your income, let’s assume that you have a team of 9 associates each of them guiding 9 students in a month. Then your expected earnings will be up to ₹88,200 per month.

Eligibility & prerequisites: UG/Bachelor/Master’s degree + counselling knowledge/skills. You must have an internet-connected laptop/mobile and a unified secure communication system.

Process training: You'll be provided with process training. You must have contacts of a minimum of two students/parents (fifth to twelfth standard).

9 strong reasons to associate with us.

  1. A business set-up you can be proud of: You get access to an online platform integrated with CRM, web telephony, email, SMS, WhatsApp, audio/video meeting, task scheduling, payment gateway, income dashboard, team management and support features.

  2. No risk opportunity: You are sharing the income without any liability, overhead expenses, or any financial loss.

  3. Multiple sources of income: The main reason for inadequate and irregular income is the dependency on a single source of earnings through self-effort. When you work in a team, your business is set on auto-pilot mode which creates multiple channels of stable income, even if you temporarily stop working due to some unavoidable circumstances, family commitments, vacations, or engagement in other activities.

  4. Ownership of the business: You can give a distinct name to your virtual centre, and you are its owner. Margdarshak takes care of the business set-up so that the entrepreneurship within you can spread its wings. You can legally transfer the business to any family member or else can be sold to someone for a profit.

  5. Most satisfying opportunity: You act as a catalyst and transfer your knowledge to guide students and young people from ambition to achievement. One child's success inspires others in the family and society.

  6. Work from anywhere anytime/day: You have the freedom to balance your current activities and the virtual centre with ease and flexibility to attain financial freedom and live a quality life on your terms. Moreover, you can move anywhere in the world and continue to work and earn as usual.

  7. Global reach, unlimited market: With a cloud-based platform, you have unlimited and unrestricted exposure to clients worldwide.

  8. A dignified partnership: We treat you as an important stakeholder of the business. Our work culture offers an atmosphere to evolve together and to learn about clients, competitors, business conditions and ever-changing technologies.

  9. Transparency in business and income: Your earnings are instantly updated in the Income dashboard, and you receive real-time notifications. You can track your income and stay updated on the app.

How to start: If interested, schedule a Google Meet for Margdarshak's demo and discuss the opportunity. Then start your training and work from the same day.

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