Margdarshak Sanstha

Empanelment as a Career Counsellor

Margdarshak provides subscription-based access to virtual platforms with counselling, training, hiring, and team management tools including data of students/youth, and a unified secured communication system (click-to-call, email, SMS, WhatsApp, and live meeting), keeping a log of your interactions and follow-up reminders.

Fixed income: You work in a team of nine Associates, you and each of your team’s Associates must provide paid access to Margdarshak's platform for FOUR clients in a month, and you'll receive a fixed in-hand income based on your team's productivity as illustrated below:

Time frame

Fixed income up to

1st to 2nd month ₹12,320 per month
3rd to 5th month ₹54,560 per month
6th to 9th month ₹1,39,040 per month

If you or any of your team members get less/more than four subscribers in a month, you’ll earn 10% of the total business from you and your team members.

100% income: Using Margdarshak’s platform you can do career counselling, decide your fees ranging from ₹1,000 to ₹3,000 per student and keep 100% of the amount. Suppose you counsel an average of one student daily, 25 in a month and your fee is @ ₹1500 then you can earn ₹37,500 per month. Additionally, you can provide training, do admission counselling, hire, teach or sell any product/service.

Margdarshak’s Tools and Services:

(a) Assessment tools: (i) Career Aptitude: be what you want to be.
The psychometric tool helps the students to find their true interests and set S.M.A.R.T. career objectives or to match the compatibility.

(ii) Work Attitude: listen to your heart & mind.
This helps users to determine what is important to them in a career. It helps to identify occupations that align with their work values and the characteristics of the occupations.

(iii) Innate Ability: recognise inborn talents.
Discovering a child's areas of intelligence removes the 'trial and error' method of parenting such as "teaching a fish to climb a tree".

(b) Counselling tools: (i) Career Explorer: career by choice not by chance
Select the best-fit careers from over 4,700 options based on 16 parameters viz 1. Ability 2. Activity 3. Aptitude 4. Attitude 5. Field 6. Industry 7. Knowledge 8. Outlook 9. Pathway 10. Skills 11. Stem 12. Technology 13. Tools 14. Trait 15. Preference 16. Zone.

(ii) Subject Pathways: relate subjects with careers using 33 charts and 18 infographics.

The above tools help counsellors to draw inferences about a student's 100% best-fit career options.

A one-time fee for access to student/youth data, along with all the tools and USCS is ₹4,980 + GST including a recharge of ₹500 to make click-to-call, email, WhatsApp, and SMS.

Even the best player requires a coach!